Inspirations Part I

So the title of my school’s magazine is Inspirations for this semester (which I WRITE IN) and I just decided to make a post about inspiring clothing rather than a specific designer.

Polka dots at Stella McCartney.

Peter Pan Collars and 40’s vibes–Michelle Williams in Interview Mag, May 2011.

Bright colors for spring in London (I’ve got to go there at some point before I’m 30.) Photo by Phil Oh for Streetpeeper, House of Holland skirt, Orange Tee shirt, Christian Louboutin shoes. I love the shoes. Like more than anything.

Rebellious bright hair–Moonbrains, Ceedling, and Landlockedmermaid

Sparkly Dr. Martens (or any Dr. Martens in general) via Tess, who is epic. If you have Tumblr and don’t follow her, I honestly don’t know what you do with your life (SHE IS THAT AWESOME.)

Grandma Chic mixed with 20’s chick at Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2012/2013. I love this collection.



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2 responses to “Inspirations Part I

  1. I love the patchwork skirt! So quirky and folksy

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