Non Sequiturs

I don’t know if music is a non sequitur around here and to be quite honest, I don’t know if I care very much.

Cut the bull crap, have any of you guys ever heard of Austra? If not, let me enlighten you WITH EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY IN MY LIFE (because Austra is right there.)

Well, I guess I haven’t really spoken much about my music taste. I’m not picky about music, I can tell you that much. Unless it’s ridiculously stupid, I’m pretty much up for anything. Favorite bands include:

*Florence and the Machine

*Arcade Fire


*Dum Dum Girls

*Vivian Girls


*Fleet Foxes


*Velvet Underground


*First Aid Kit

Do you enjoy electronica? Do you enjoy witch house? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, then Austra MIGHT BE THE BAND FOR YOU.

AUSTRA by gasreaa on Flickr.

There they are, looking great and performing. They’ve released one album (with a deluxe CD) “Feel it Break” and “Sparkle” which is a bunch of addictive remixes.

Austra is really intense but also super enjoyable–Katie Stelmanis has a great voice that’s really powerful. It reminds me a lot of Florence Welch’s voice because of how loud and gripping it is. Austra’s songs are just as loud and deep as Stelmanis’ voice, which is a large feat. All of their music is best one you’re in a bad mood or feeling really strongly about something.

Great music video, by the way.

As I’ve learned more and more about good vs. bad electronic music, “Beat and the Pulse” stands out as one of the best I’ll probably ever hear.

“Crying” is one of my favorites lately, even though it’s obviously a  cover, it’s done incredibly well. Every verse and every harmony is perfectly synced with the next and every time I hear Katie Stelmanis’ voice I am filled with haunted beauty.

“Energy,” like “Beat and the Pulse” is also super high quality electronica. I can’t get enough of it.

This is a short post but the point is, I don’t know how eighth grade would have happened without Austra. I don’t know how math homework and car rides with my brother would have happened without it. I don’t know how half the things I do on a daily basis would happen without me hearing their music.


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