Lula Magazine

So I knew it was about time to make a post about Lula. It’s basically my favorite fashion publication out there–if I ever was the editor of my own fashion magazine, I would try hard to embody Lula in some way, shape or form (without copying of course, but that’s another story.) It’s full of things that are beautiful–you don’t even have to buy into the meaning too much, it’s all just so beautiful. I currently have three issues; they’re hard to find and you can go to your local Barnes and Noble (that’s where I find them) to get them. They’re expensive but they have interviews with people like Miranda July and the lead singer of XX and just all things cool. I’m still waiting for an interview of Florence Welch, she seems like she’d fit right in there.

Here’s Leith Clark, the editor in chief of Lula: she’s my journalism and artistic and everything role model. Like when I think of role models, Leith Clark floats into my mind as one of my top five. If I could accomplish just ONE of the things she has, I’d be so stoked.

I just love having pictures of Lula collections; someday I hope to have that many issues.

Siri Tollerød in Lula #6-S/S ‘08 Crown of Love shot by Ellen von Unwerth. Probably one of my favorite editorials; besides the fact that she’s gorgeous it’s just so stunning with the daisies in her hair and everything.

untitled by //REBECCA on Flickr. Basically just a person READING LULA which MAKES ME HAPPY even to look at. I can literally see all the fairy like creatures swarming around and drinking tea and dressing up in Rodarte.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that Lily Cole is my queen, but she is (I adore red heads oh my gosh) and they did an article on her in their last issue. I was flipping out and the editorial was epic. Lily Cole by Clare Shilland for Lula #13:


Anyway yeah, so this editorial was amazing but I’m so biased because I love Lily Cole and I feel like anything she’s in is automatically a great editorial since she’s so unique looking.

Here’s a picture from the scrapbook that Lula has on their website; it’s basically a series of images from people in the fashion industry and this one was taken by Autumn de Wilde of the Mulleavy sisters in Hong Kong. I really like it. The scrapbook is a blog I check frequently.

Another accessories editorial I really loved is also in Lula. Anais Pouliot for Lula Magazine Issue 12 Photographed by Damon Heath:

As well as: Imogen Morris Clarke in LULA issue 12 by Clare Shilland.

So yeah, here’s just a small sampling of what can be found in Lula. I love it so much–they have interviews with artists, writers, actors, bloggers–just about everyone and I find it one of the most enlightening things to read.


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