Your Attitude is Showing

I really like clothes with words on them when they’re done in the right way. Tank tops from department stores that read “brat” in cheap sequins don’t really adhere to the phrase “right way” in my opinion (but thanks for playing, Target, it was much appreciated.)

Jouetie is a designer that has pretty great stuff, as in this example:

Right so that’s amazing…Can I just wear this everyday? All the time? That way I wouldn’t have to waste my breath telling people this…because let’s face it, I do it too much.

Ripped 90’s sweaters guys. Hard times if you ask me at Ashish.

Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2011 RTW (one of my personal favorites, I need to look at more Yamamoto stuff.)

Diesel signs never fail to impress me, I am such a teenage cliche who looks through old Vogues and says “that’s so funnyyyy.”

Ghost World, always a source of inspiration (FEAR THE RAPTOR.)


All via my tumblr except Alta Moda (on tumblr)


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