Friday Nights

This is going to sound bad to some people (or maybe you don’t give a shit, I honestly don’t know) but I love pictures of parties. Parties where people get drunk and laugh and eat too much and throw up. I really like Olivia Bee’s photography and obviously she takes a variety of pictures, but my favorites are the ones of house parties and concerts. I guess this just ups my cliche ante but I can’t get enough of them. And, because it’s Friday night (and I’m at home on the internet of course, hearing people below my apartment building laughing), I figured it’d be time for a good old party/photography appreciation post.

So, the 18 year old from Portland, Olivia Bee (mentioned above) took this of her friend Elyse (I sound like such a stalker but I feel like I’m not the only one who knows her name) at her birthday party from this post.

This was taken by the girl behind this tumblr. I really like this picture and it totally reminds me of the cover of Vampire Weekend’s first album! That’s what I thought when I first saw it.

That’s Lindsey Wixson at a Lanvin after party. I liked the picture because she doesn’t look like she’s posing which is basically the whole point of pictures taken at parties. Plus, models always look like they’re posing. I got it through here, which is a Tumblr by Rie Sacai. He took the picture (I think.)

Here she is at the same party, looking more posed. I still love it though, especially the people in the background.

This is the photographer Laurence Philomene taken by the photographer Lauren Poor. Epic as hell.

I don’t know the photographer; it’s from here.

I don’t know who the photographer is but OH MY LORD I love her hair.

I couldn’t forget to include Celia Edell by her boyfriend Tyler in Chicago.

From this blog (originally from We Heart It lol)

And another last one by Olivia Bee from this post.


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