Fleetwood Mac Vibes

So this Anna Sui show kind of reminded me of Gold Dust Woman:

Maybe it’s just the gypsy-Roma-stereotyping here-outfits. But don’t worry, I know it’s way more 40’s than 70’s. For some reason Fleetwood Mac came into my head when I saw the collection, I don’t know. I already talked about the next collection’s makeup but I really liked this one’s clothes more. Maybe I’m just a sucker for the 40’s (fashion anyway, not society) because when I bought my first Vogue (ever), it had this huge 40’s editorial with Karen Elson who also happened to be in this show. I love Karen Elson. If I could look like her, I’d probably just drool at my own beauty for hours.

Here’s the song:

I think it might have something to do with the hair and the jewels. It reminds me a lot of exploration.

And of course I couldn’t not show Karen Elson, who looked epic. I want red hair. I will probably make a tag for that because I’ve always wanted it and I’m obsessed with it.

Another editorial I’ve always been obsessed with is this one, which looks a lot like the Anna Sui collection (Egle Tvirbutaite by Max Farago for Elle US March 2010, by the way):

Love the head accessory thing going on, which was obviously a prominent thing in the Anna Sui collection. Also the shoes in the first picture and the bangles are some of my favorite parts too.

And without further ado, probably my favorite vogue editorial (which doesn’t remind me of Fleetwood Mac because that would be weird):

Images from various Tumblrs (flowersofthecity, now deactivated,  including mine, Labrose) Elle.com, iiiinspired, my Tumblr, Spinning Brick, MalindajaneLARISSA BELKIS.


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