Raccoon Eyes

I don’t know about you, but personally, I really really like dark eye makeup. People always give it this bad reputation, like it means you’re up to no good. Many people like to compare girls with dark eye make up (and lots of it) to raccoons  digging through garbage cans. Now, let’s be honest: what’s so bad about being  a raccoon digging through a garbage can? Honestly though, maybe I’m like the biggest cliche on the face of the earth, but dark eye makeup is fucking cool.

My favorite that I’ve seen recently was at the Rodarte show if you ask me:

I love the juxtaposition of the flowery dresses, which feel so lively and something Anne of Green Gables would wear (if it had puffed sleeves, of course) and the dark raccoon eye makeup, which kind of adds this air of mystery. Rodarte could have just as easily picked out some sort of neutral eye and soft pink lipstick to match the pastel colors, but they didn’t and I’m glad of that.

Also, can WE TALK about the clothes? Everything Rodarte makes is like something out of a chic and classy fairy tale and this collection certainly wasn’t exempt from that; this is epic stuff. I love how the sleeves were made so delicately and look so fragile, but the shoes weren’t all dainty because they were chunky and metallic. If there’s anything that’s true about this collection, it’s that it maintains balance.

I know it’s not that creative of me, but the Starry Night dress was one of my favorites. It’s cool the way it’s textured and they didn’t just print it on a shirt or something. And while I know it isn’t the most cool or deep painting out there, I still like it for its familiarity and it’s cool to see it on articles of clothing.

A nice close up of Caroline Trentini’s gorgeous eyes at the show.

She looks like a mermaid.

Caroline Trentini’s eyes, Mermaid Chic (above), Starry Night dress via  Tumblr that I’m forgetting, Dress details, Lindsey Wixson.


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